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about us

Our field-grown trees and shrubs let you create the "WOW" in a landscape design.  What we grow...we grow large.


We have an impressive selection of American Holly and Winterberry Holly varieties.  Our fields are full of flowering shrubs to include the newer hydrangea varieties, viburnum, abelia, weigelia and more.  We are a source for unusual specimen trees such as Fox Valley River birch, boxwood and mature hemlock, spruce and pine. 


Located in central New Jersey near the Delaware River we are almost equidistant from New York and Philadelphia.  Digging and transport to New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut can be arranged.  Our trees and shrubs create the instantly mature landscape.  You are welcome to visit our fields anytime.....just let us know when you will be here.

extensive variety


We are color crazy.  From the early spring through the early winter our fields have something coloring up. Your creative eye can fill a landscape with unending interest as the seasons change.

Holly, holly, holly and can't find what we offer in a standard pot.  The size and colors we grow provide structure and interest to your designs.

Butterflies and bees love Abelia's long bloom.  We also grow weigelia, syringa, spirea, forsythia, quince, hydrangea, magnolia, clethra, wisteria, buddleia and kerria in varieties too numerous to mention.  

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